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How the YMCA Changed David's Life

Posted on 5/28/14 3:37 PM by Tracey Mitchell
Recently I sent my 30 year old son a picture after taking a yoga class at the Reston Y. His response: “I never thought I'd see the day!” Then he went on to say, "the folks at Reston have helped to change your life!" How has the Reston Y changed your life and health?
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Quinoa with Raspberries and Beets

Posted on 5/23/14 11:59 AM by Tracey Mitchell
This salad is perfect for summertime produce and extra red for the summer holidays. I also like this one because it has a lot of extra protein (quinoa, nuts, a lot of veggies), so it doesn’t need a meat or a cheese to make it a full-feeling meal. Since this dish is best served cold or room temperature, it’s perfect to make ahead and bring to your Memorial Day Party.
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Make your own Flag for Memorial Day

Posted on 5/23/14 11:53 AM by Tracey Mitchell
What's not to love about Memorial Day? It's a chance to be patriotic and show some love for the USA! Parents, we know many of you have the day off too on this holiday, so we've got a great craft project that the kids can do alone or with limited supervision.
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Meet Michanda, an Empowered Y Member

Posted on 5/21/14 11:08 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Michanda is a proud plus size model and member at YMCA National Capital. Thanks to the Y’s encouraging staff and Michanda’s infectious spirit, she is redefining beauty for herself and those around her. Tell us about your move to DC.
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A 3-Part Plan to a Better Body

Posted on 5/20/14 3:30 PM by Tracey Mitchell
Get Up
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Encourage Your Kid to Give it a Tri!

Posted on 5/13/14 1:02 PM by Tracey Mitchell
Register Today for the Children’s Day Triathlon on June 8th
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Photo of the Week: Catherine Dashes to the Finish Line

Posted on 5/13/14 10:48 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Catherine Dashes to the Finish Line
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3 Ways to Get Real with your Nutrition Goals

Posted on 5/8/14 9:10 AM by Tracey Mitchell
The idea of tackling a healthier lifestyle can seem overwhelming when you think about all the changes you want to implement at once. When you think about everything you should start doing, it can be so stressful that all you want to do is grab a pint of ice cream and park yourself on the couch. Unhealthy habits aren’t created overnight and you won’t change them overnight! You need to take it one step at a time and be kind to yourself if it’s a slow and steady process.
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Broga: Guys Can Love Yoga Too

Posted on 5/7/14 9:14 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Broga (n.) – a term of endearment that refers to men who like to get their flow on with the esteemed workouts of Yoga. Yoga works out every part of your body, including your mind! So why is it that mostly women are reaping the benefits? Although there are many male yoga enthusiasts since this question first surfaced, men are still highly outnumbered in the average yoga class. We know men like to get fit too, so why not try yoga? It’s a workout suitable for everyone that de-stresses and compliments strength-training routines. We took a closer look with Ra, yoga instructor at our National Capital YMCA (NCY). Ra has 14 years of teaching under his belt and is 110% in support of men doing yoga! Here’s his take on why men have apprehensions and tips for first-timers:
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Brightening Your Pasta with Springtime Veggies

Posted on 5/6/14 9:29 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Springtime – a time to celebrate the outdoors and seasonal varieties! With the weather warming and farmer’s markets popping up, we can look forward more variety in our produce, and oftentimes lower prices. Asparagus, in particular, is a landmark of Spring. Therefore, it’s no surprise that May is National Asparagus Month. To celebrate, here is a light and easy pasta dish showcasing springtime veggies; it’s a quick one-pot dish with grains, proteins from egg and cheese, and lots of veggies. I like to make my pasta dishes with minimal sauces and bring in flavors with spices and ingredients. You won’t need too much prep for this one. I like to roast my tomatoes to deepen the flavor a bit, so I get those started first. While those are cooking, quickly blanch the asparagus, and get the pasta boiling. Add a little cheese and egg for a light sauce, and you’re good to go! Ingredients
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