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3 Lunches You Can Plan, Pack & Go

Posted on 6/27/14 11:50 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Eating meals on-the-go often results in unhealthy quick fixes. By planning and packing our own lunches, we’re more likely to eat healthy AND save money. How can we make the transition? Spend a couple hours each week making meals for the next few days… a slow cooker may become your next best friend. Here are recipes that take just a few minutes to prepare, are healthy and taste better the longer they marinate. Enjoy!
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The Y's Fight to End Summer Learning Loss

Posted on 6/20/14 11:40 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Summer learning is the focus of a number of Y summer programs. With this focus, all day and resident camp programs incorporate math, literacy, arts and science components to their programs, giving kids added academic exposure along with the enrichment and character building activities that we know help young people succeed in school and life. Senior VP of Program Development, Janice Williams breaks down exactly what makes the Y great and how it fights to end Summer Learning Loss in its summer programming:
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Run Smart in Summer Heat

Posted on 6/19/14 2:36 PM by Tracey Mitchell
The summer heat is here, so it’s time to switch gears and adjust your exercising rituals. But don’t let the high temps and humidity keep you inside – you can still enjoy outdoor scenery while you run. Deanna Cordova, Wellness Director at YMCA National Capital, has tips to help you stay safe and get the most out of your workout!  
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Meet Ra, The Y Yogi

Posted on 6/13/14 3:23 PM by Tracey Mitchell
Yoga – it sculpts muscle, relieves stress, increases flexibility, prevents injuries and helps you set goals. Guys, there’s no good reason NOT to add yoga to your healthy lifestyle! Ra, Yoga instructor at YMCA National Capital says he learned the importance of cutting out stress and focusing on passion. Read his story and discover your inner yogi in honor of National Men’s Health Week (MHW). My definition of being healthy is peace of mind – living a life that is true to yourself and being the best that you possibly can. This very first thing I did to get healthy was eliminate stressful things and people from my life. I found work that I really love and am passionate about, even if it meant that I took a pay cut. Immediately, it created balance in my life. Redefining success as a man led to me trying to live a balanced life between work, play, relationships, family and all the elements that make us happy human beings. Balance is the keyword.
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Meet Andrew, The Y Swimmer

Posted on 6/13/14 3:22 PM by Tracey Mitchell
This Men's Health Week (MHW) has been a rewarding one. We've heard stories from Y men who run, lift weights, practice yoga and their personal opinions on living a healthy lifestyle. For our last MHW story, Andrew, Aquatics Coordinator shares his story of swimming and how getting in tuned with nature made him grounded. Define what it means to be healthy.
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Meet Uchenna, The Y Lifter

Posted on 6/11/14 11:12 AM by Tracey Mitchell
On average, men have poorer health habits and a shorter life expectancy than women. Regular exercise can help to decrease the risk of heart disease, health conditions and stress. In Part 2 of our Men’s Health Week (MHW) series, Uchenna, YMCA Silver Spring’s Membership Associate, shares his story of body sculpting.
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Meet Todd, the Y Runner

Posted on 6/9/14 11:05 AM by Tracey Mitchell
Did you know that men are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year? They’re also less inclined to seek help when they need it! Today kicks off National Men’s Health Week (MHW), something we hold near and dear at the Y (ahem, Father’s Day!). To encourage fellas to better monitor their health, a few Y guys want to share their unique stories… starting with Todd, Y Reston’s Running Club Coach!
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Darrell Finds Support & Wows Classmates, 45 Years Later

Posted on 6/5/14 1:14 PM by Tracey Mitchell
I recently attended my 45th high school reunion committee meeting, and all of the members were amazed at how I looked! I had lost over thirty pounds since they last saw me 8 months ago. Someone even commented that I was almost at my high school weight, but stronger and in better shape. Eagerly, they all wanted to know what I had done. I explained to them that I was a member of Bally for over 25 years, but was never able to get into the shape that I desired. But I recently joined the YMCA, and everything changed.
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Quote of the Day: Shine On!

Posted on 6/24/13 3:18 PM by Tracey Mitchell
The sun is shining today and you should too! Soak up the sun today on your way to visit one of our branches in your area and enjoy. Whether it's through your workout, your career, or even your daily routine - make today better by setting a goal for yourself to shine through it all.
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Posted on 6/14/13 3:17 PM by Tracey Mitchell
Picture a bright noon day: kids are holding their dads' hands tightly, sitting in their laps and enjoying time well spent. This was today’s scene at our YMCA Fairfax County Reston branch, as they celebrated fathers with their annual Father's Day Luncheon. Local dads took time out of their busy work day to sit with their kids for lunch and enjoy some “Daddy and Me” time with their 3-5 year old kids. This gave them the perfect opportunity to take a peek into their child's day, interact with their child’s friends and teachers and even mingle with other fathers in celebration.
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