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YMCA Anthony Bowen's Grand-Opening
- Sept. 2013
Opening of YMCA Anthony Bowen Announced 
- July 2013
Help Give a Child the Summer of a Lifetime - May 2013
Re-Opening of YMCA Bowie - March 2013
Registration Now Open for Summer Camp 2013 - Feb. 2013
Our Inspiring Annual Gala - Oct. 2012
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Our New Board Chair, Rod Woodson - May 2012
Rebranding Our Community Support Fund - April 2012

It takes a village
May 1, 2015

Today, at the Nonprofit Village's Annual Breakfast, 4 coveted awards were given to individuals and organizations making a big difference in Montgomery County, MD. We are thrilled to share that the Nonprofit Village has selected YMCA Youth & Family Services as the recipient of the ‘Large Nonprofit Making a Difference Award’

A branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, YMCA Youth & Family Services has provided a comprehensive menu of treatment, prevention and early-intervention services to at-risk children and families living in Montgomery County, MD for over 40 years. They respond to the most critical needs of over 3,000 individuals through school and community-based services in 17 sites. Nearly all of our services are offered free of charge.

Congratulations to the staff, volunteers and supporters for this wonderful achievement!

A Look at Our Annual Celebration Honorees
October 28, 2014

As the leading nonprofit for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y works side-by-side with our neighbors every day to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. The neighbors we honored last Thursday at National Geographic selflessly give their time, talent and treasures to service. Every one of these individuals and organizations is part of a 162-year history of social progress. 

Congratulations to them all! 

  • Volunteer of the Year: Brian Madden, Board Chair for YMCA Camp Letts. Watch his video acceptance here!
  • Volunteer of the Year: John Hopkins, Volunteer for YMCA Anthony Bowen & National Capital. Watch his video acceptance here!
  • Philanthropist of the Year: Kevin Beverly, Board Chair for YMCA Bethesda. Watch his video acceptance here!
  • Corporate Partnership Award: Montgomery Printing Solutions. Watch Owner Azim's video acceptance here!
  • Community Spirit Award: William Howland, Jr., Director of the DC Dept. of Public Works. Watch Bill's surprise video here.
  • Community Partner of the Year: WHUR 96.3FM. Watch General Manager Jim's video acceptance here!
  • Employee of the Year: Joe D’Emidio, Director of the Woodmont Gymnastics Center. Watch his video acceptance here!

Are you financially fit?
October 24, 2014

Tips & Tricks for National Estate Planning Week!

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. For National Estate Planning Week, we've partnered with Birchstone Moore Law to make sure your future is filled with peace of mind. Each day, we'll bring you a new tip for a Healthy Estate Plan!
  • Could my life insurance proceeds be subject to estate tax at my death?

Yes! If you are the owner of a life insurance policy at the time of your death, the value of the insurance proceeds will be included in your estate for estate tax purposes. If you live in Maryland or DC and have a life insurance policy with a death benefit of $1M or more, you currently have a taxable estate simply because of your life insurance policy.

  • True or False? My Will controls the distribution of my entire estate at my death.

False! The portion of your estate that passes under your Will is called your “probate estate.” Retirement benefits, life insurance proceeds and property owned jointly with your spouse, as a general rule, are not part of your probate estate and will not pass under your Will. Retirement benefits and life insurance proceeds pass in accordance with beneficiary designations that you complete for those items. Property that you own as tenants by the entirety or as joint tenants with rights of survivorship will pass to the surviving joint owner by operation of law.

  • True or False? If I pass away without a Will, my spouse will inherit my entire estate under all circumstances.

False! If you are a Maryland or DC resident and you pass away without a Will, your spouse will receive only part of your probate estate if one or more of your descendants or your parents survives you. Your parents and/or children will also be beneficiaries of your probate estate. For Virginia residents dying without a Will, your spouse will receive your entire probate estate unless you are survived by one or more children from a prior marriage who are not also children of your surviving spouse.

  • I want to leave a portion of my estate to charity. Is it best to make a bequest under my Will or designate the charity as a beneficiary of my retirement account?

It is generally preferred to leave your retirement assets to charity, and let your other assets pass to your family. If you leave a tax-deferred retirement account to an individual beneficiary, the individual must pay ordinary income tax on any withdrawal from the account, just as you would have if you had taken withdrawals from the account in retirement. Charities pay no income tax on a bequest of tax-deferred retirement assets because charities are tax-exempt. By sending the taxable retirement account to charity, and other assets to your family, you free up the more income tax-advantaged assets for your family, at no cost to the charity.

  • Do I need to address my digital assets (my email account, my Facebook page, etc.) as part of my estate plan?

Absolutely! As part of your estate plan, you will want to ensure that your fiduciaries are able to access your digital assets. You should create a list of such assets and their corresponding usernames and passwords. You should then store such list in a secure place (e.g., with an online storage service, on a home computer with a password that you provide to your fiduciaries, etc.). You should also include in your estate planning documents language authorizing your fiduciaries to access your digital assets. This will give your fiduciaries not only the means, but also the right, to manage your online accounts.

Celebrating Milestones & Mission-Makers
October 23, 2013

National Geographic inspires people to care about the planet by telling the story of the sea, land and sky. The YMCA inspires people to care about each other through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. What better backdrop for a celebration than a night at the museum! 

Our guests had a exhilarating time honoring this year's award winners, celebrating 2012 milestones, and learning all about National Geographic's 125 year history in its exhibits.

Congratulations to our 2012 honorees! Click the names below to see a special video tribute.

Community Partner of the Year:
The Trawick Foundation

Corporate Partners of the Year:
* M&T Bank
* Washington Gas

Volunteer of the Year:
* Adam Michael Royston, YMCA Youth & Govt. Volunteer

Philanthropist of the Year:
* Michelle Eichhorn, Annapolis Cars

Employee of the Year:
* Carolyn Samuel-King, District Executive

The Voice of Courage Award:
* The Victims' Rights Foundation

Community Spirit Award (a surprise award from our CEO!):
* Herb Jones, YMCA National Capital Volunteer

official unveiling of YMCA Anthony Bowen 
An Iconic Y in DC's U Street
September 9-13, 2013

National and community leaders are reviving an iconic YMCA and its inspiring heritage. From its beginnings as the first African American YMCA, this premier center features robust programs and progressive amenities to serve DC's evolving needs. Leaders and neighbors were inspired by stories of impact, a celebration of U Street/ Shaw history, and the provoking design of the new Y. YMCA Anthony Bowen is ready to make history again.  

Here's a look at our inspiring Grand Opening!

Re-Opening of YMCA Anthony Bowen announced
July 2013

Just announced, our friends and neighbors will be reintroduced to an iconic YMCA this September! The vibrant U Street corridor has a new epicenter for growth and connection at 14th & W Streets, NW. YMCA Anthony Bowen unites the right minds and resources for community interaction, education, healthy living, and our life-changing programs. The unique design celebrates the legacy of YMCA Anthony Bowen as the first African American Y, founded in 1853, along with its ability to adapt and serve our community’s evolving needs.

To receive exclusive updates on YMCA Anthony Bowen's development, amenities and opening, sign up here.

Click here to join the YMCA Anthony Bowen Facebook community and learn more about U Street and its renovated landmark (that's us!).


Give a Child a Summer of Adventure, Fun and Possibility

Ah, Summer. A time for popsicles and sunny days, picnics and pool time, fireflies and late nights. It’s the time of year to make memories, and some of the best are made at YMCA summer camps. At Y camp, each day is packed with the perfect amount of character building, active learning and fun. Every child deserves an opportunity so rewarding and so good for their future. But, right here in our community, many families are struggling to find the resources to give their child this experience. Help send a kid to camp and you’ll give them the best summer ever.
Please visit our Donate page to lend a helping hand. You can also designate a specific branch if you would like your donation to go directly to kids in your community. Thank you for your generosity!

Re-Opening of YMCA Prince George's County-Bowie
March 2013
3501 Moylan Drive, Bowie, MD

It is with tremendous excitement that we announce the re-opening of YMCA Prince George’s County-Bowie! After much effort, we have finally been approved to resume services in our pre-school program as of March 11, 2013.

We are pleased to invite you back into our redeveloped facility where you will notice several enhancements - among them are shiny new floors, windows and ceilings. We have also expanded our staff to include a new Program Director, Mr. Laurence Nurse, who joins us with vast YMCA leadership experience. Lastly, we will be transitioning to a new early childhood curriculum model, HighReach Learning, for our infants and pre-schoolers. This model will provide hands-on, real life learning adventures and will assist our children in discovery through structured play.

On behalf of the entire team at YMCA Prince George’s County-Bowie, thank you for your unwavering support. The fire proved to be devastating in so many ways; however, your kindness and loyalty have helped us come out even stronger.

February 2013

A summer with the Y is all about tradition, friendships, learning and confidence

Registration for Summer Camp 2013 is now open!

The earlier you register, the more camp options you will have. We have programs for every interest... visit your branch news page for a Camp Guide and see for yourself!

Your child is sure to have the most memorable summer ever at Y!!

An Inspiring celebration at Our Annual Gala
October 23, 2012

Over 300 Y staff, volunteers and community leaders commemorated our 160th anniversary at an inspiring Annual Celebration. The sights and sounds gave a modern take on history - from Abraham Lincoln on stilts and a photo montage of past Y experiences to school-aged kids singing their own version of the YMCA song. Before the dancing commenced, we honored 10 individuals and organizations for their impact on the communities we serve. Below are our 2012 honorees:

Volunteers of the Year:
*  Kathy Martin, YMCA Alexandria
*  Sonya Cooper-Turner, YMCA Capital View
*  Len Lucchi, YMCA Potomac Overlook

Philanthropist of the Year:
*  May Liang, YMCA Fairfax Co. Reston

Corporate Partners of the Year:
*  Congressional Bank
*  PNC Bank

Employees of the Year:
*  Emma Lipscomb, YMCA DC Youth & Government
*  Joe O'Conor, Properties & Facilities

Community Spirit Award:
*  Pamela Curran, Chief Operating Officer

And a special award from our CEO - the Voice of Courage Award:
*  Angela Alsobrooks, State's Attorney for Prince George's County, MD

Thank you to our honorees for selflessly giving their time, talent and treasures to the Y. We also announced our new planned giving society, the Hargrave Heritage Club. More information and members of our founding class, the Class of 2012, can be found here.

For 160 Years, the Y's Been There to Help
July 2012

Imagine Washington, DC in 1852. There were 40,000 residents and only 30 police officers. The city was brimming with gambling dens and saloons, with only one public library. Religious and civic leaders, including William Chauncey Langdon, realized that there were little to no wholesome social and recreational activities. On June 23, 1852, sixty men took action by pledging to form the YMCA of the City of Washington. Just one year later, the first African American Y was founded in DC by Rev. Anthony Bowen. On June 28, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln, in the midst of the Civil War, signed the charter for the YMCA of the City of Washington.

160 years later, the Y is as committed to fostering physical, mental, and social development as in 1852. Join us as we celebrate 160 years of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility; join us as we celebrate the growth of DC and beyond. DC Mayor Vincent Gray and Alexandria City Mayor William Euille joined in by proclaiming YMCA Days this past June in each of their cities! Get involved in our Y160 challenges, our Give & Gift campaign, or just spread the word! Visit to learn more.

NBA Player Etan Thomas on Y Summer Camp
June 2012

Etan Thomas is a famed author and professional basketball player of 11 years who attended YMCA summer camp as a child. Click below to learn more about the enduring impact positive role models and exposure to enriching activities had on his life.

leading with heart and experience
May 2012

In May 2012, the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington announced the election of Roderic L. Woodson as Chair of the nonprofit’s Board of Directors. Roderic, a well-known community advocate who is respected nationwide as one of the best lawyers in America, will provide leadership to the 14-member board, which sets the strategic direction and policies for 17 YMCA branches that uphold youth development, healthy living and social responsibility throughout greater Washington. As a member of the Y's Board since 2006, he succeeds Mike Repass of the Internal Revenue Service and will serve a two-year term as Chair.

Roderic has been practicing law in Washington, DC since 1979, and has spent the last 13 years at Holland & Knight LLP. He has served on numerous nonprofit boards and advisory committees, including the Greater Washington Board of Trade, United Bank, DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, Providence Hospital, DC Public Schools, and numerous committees within the DC government. Roderic has also been a member of Leadership Greater Washington since 2004.

Roderic has developed a national reputation as a thought leader on topics such as governance, regulatory law, political action and ethics. Among his many honors, he was named in the 2007 edition of “The Best Lawyers in America” and the 2010 edition of “Washington DC's Best Lawyers” for Municipal Law. He has also received much recognition from his alma mater, Howard University, and the District of Columbia Bar Association.

raising greater awareness about our funding needs
April 2012

Farewell Building Bridges

The YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is proud to introduce our newly rebranded community support fund - Caring for Community. Succinctly put, the Y and its supporters have been Caring for Community for 160 years. Now our community fund brings even more clarity to our purpose through a name that speaks specifically to our mission. Caring for Community asks our community members to care about each other by affording local children, adults and families access to the Y’s programs and services. No matter how trying times may be, the Y strives to make the healthy choice the easy choice. With this powerful, emotionally-evoking, and relatable campaign, we will appeal to more donors in the community and help even more people. Why? Because we need each other.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our Associate Executive Directors who passionately took on this project that will transform the way we present our fundraising efforts!

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