A Taste of Japan: Matcha Tea

Posted on 3/31/15 by Jackie Dilworth

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Matcha Tea, brought to you by Kristy McCarron

As someone who vacationed this past summer in Japan for a friend’s wedding, I am thrilled to talk about incredible Japanese cuisine. Authentic Japanese food is growing here in DC, but some of the best meals I’ve had in my life came from a short stint in the Land of the Rising Sun. Fresh seafood, traditional techniques and incredible attention to detail (and, of course, Kobe beef) at each corner was truly awe-inspiring. The Japanese have their food down to an art, and I left with inspiration to focus more on my personal techniques and simpler recipes: I learned that quality ingredients with tried-and-true techniques will always make for delicious dishes.
This month’s recipe is simple, but offers a great deal of health benefits: Matcha Tea. What is this green stuff? Matcha tea is finely ground tea leaves; because they have been pulsed into a powder, they pack a mean punch of health benefits. Different from the tea bags that most of us are used to, we’re consuming their entire leaf, not just the water that the tea has been brewed in. It has the antioxidant content of 10 bags of green leaf tea, and has been linked to curbing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. So I say, get drinking!

Matcha tea has become pretty popular, so you can find recipes for cupcakes, cookies, smoothies and everything in between. Below is a latte recipe (borrowed from Bon Appetit) for the tea itself, as it does brew a bit differently than tea bags. You can now find Matcha tea at most health food stores or any Japanese grocer! 

Matcha Tea Recipe

  • ¾ cup milk of choice (cow’s, almond, soy, rice)
  • 1 teaspoon Matcha Powder
  • Agave syrup to taste

  • Bring milk to a simmer over medium-high heat
  • Place Matcha in a heatproof bowl
  • Slowly add in heated milk and whisk until frothy
  • Sweeten with agave
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