Welcome to Japan! Your March Getaway...

Posted on 3/17/15 by Jackie Dilworth

Spring is almost here, and there's only one thing on all of our minds: when will the Cherry Blossoms bloom?! For this month's Virtual Vacation, take a much-needed mental break by traveling to the origin of these trees gifted to us 103 years ago: Japan!

You may have heard about Tabata (one of the hottest fitness trends right now!), but did you know that it was created by a Japanese professor testing the effectiveness of 4 minutes of intense training versus hours of more moderate exercise? Learn all about this High Intensity Interval Training that will only take 30 minutes of your day! 

Check back for a recipe that’ll make you feel like your dining at Kinkaku-ji. Click here in case you missed our January and February getaways!
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