South Africa: Your April Getaway!

Posted on 4/16/15 by Jackie Dilworth

It's Spring Break season, which means only one thing: the countdown to summer vacation has begun! Whether you're planning a big trip or are saving up for next year, we're bringing you an experience from across the Athlantic Ocean - climbing Table Mountain in South Africa

Table Mountain is an iconic landmark that was voted as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. It features light strolls, challenging hikes and rigorous climbs. For you curious onlookers who are interested in taking the climb without the 20 hour flight, we bring you Rock Climbing at YMCA Anthony Bowen and YMCA National Capital! Rock climbing has both emotional and physical health perks, but did you know that it works almost every muscle group and burns more calories than many other cardio exercises? Learn all about Rock Climbing (including your monthly at-home workout!) from Chris Hill, Associate Wellness Director at YMCA Anthony Bowen.

Check back for a recipe and game that’ll make you feel like your dining in Cape Town. Click here in case you missed our January, February and March getaways!
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