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Basketball Classes & More Info >>


Participation in this league demands a high level of respect and play on the court and true leadership off the court. Adult participants serve as role models both on and off the court.
Martial Arts Classes & More Info >>

Martial Arts

Do you want to build confidence and self-esteem? This program is designed to do just that and more! Our martial arts programs build coordination, balance, discipline, and mental concentration. Martial Arts also provide an outstanding alternative for those who may not do as well in team sports—giving them the chance to excel in a specialized activity while increasing their physical abilities and concentration skills.
Tennis in Montgomery County Classes & More Info >>

Tennis in Montgomery County

Tennis offers the perfect combination of getting active, healthy and social while enjoying a sport that you can play throughout your life. The YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is proud to partner with the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) to give youth and adults from all walks of life access to world-class tennis instruction.
Tennis in Arlington, VA Classes & More Info >>

Tennis in Arlington, VA

Tennis is a great sport, and offers the player a skill that can be used for a lifetime. Learn the fundamentals of this sophisticated court sport and have lots of fun along the way!
Rock Climbing Classes & More Info >>

Rock Climbing

Climb on! Rock climbing builds physical strength and flexibility while toning and sculpting your body. Even more, it's fun, challenging and adventurous. Climb with your friends, co-workers and families, and build on your relationships through mutual support and encouragement. YMCA Anthony Bowen's 2-story Rock Climbing Wall has routes and classes for all levels. Click "Classes & More Info" for class and open climb times. YMCA National Capital also has an indoor climbing facility with 1,600 square feet of climbing terrain, various slopes and overhangs. Call 202-862-9622 for hours and programs.
Boxing Classes & More Info >>


Boxing provides great conditioning for your whole body—building muscle strength, endurance, balance, agility, and coordination. Boxing also promotes well-being by building confidence and discipline.
Adults Sports Leagues Classes & More Info >>

Adults Sports Leagues

Can you bend it like Beckham or just looking to have a great time by getting out, getting a great workout, and playing a myriad of different sports all year round? Look no farther--Adult Sports Leagues is the answer you've been looking for. From soccer, basketball, football, volleyball to kickball and capture the flag-we've got you covered. Bring a team or come as a free agent, and either way you'll be having fun and getting fit in no time! For field sports, cleats are highly recommended.
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