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College Goal DC

The YMCA supports the educational growth of today's youth. College Goal Sunday is a program that provides free assistance to students and families who are applying for financial aid for post secondary education. We bring together financial aid professionals from colleges and universities, along with other volunteers to help college-bound students and their families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Youth and Government Classes & More Info >>

Youth and Government

The YMCA DC Youth & Government program empowers youth to become critical ethical leaders and responsible citizens through training in the theory and practice of making public policy.
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Mentoring & Counseling

Teens need adult role models. They need sound advice and strong teachers. Forming positive relationships with adults other than their parents is essential to every teen's development. Various YMCA Mentoring programs help teens form vital relationships during a crucial time in their lives.
Youth Enrichment Classes & More Info >>

Youth Enrichment

The YMCA is committed to providing young people with alternative activities and educational opportunities that present a much needed atmosphere of achievement, interest, and engagement with other teens. Take a moment to see all that we offer.
Certificates and Training Classes & More Info >>

Certificates and Training

With so many life-threatening emergencies happening in or around the home, it's more important than ever to be prepared just in case you're confronted with a home emergency. Being prepared can avert tragedy and minimize the possibility of injury or even death. The YMCA offers an array of courses designed to help you become prepared for life-threatening emergencies. Be a part of creating a healthier, better prepared community by signing up for one of our emergency preparedness classes.
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